Startup Email Spam

8 May

SpamStartups send too much email.  It’s becoming like display ads, I just tune them out.  Delete, right away.

After subscribing to a service, you get an email welcoming you.  Delete.  If the service isn’t public yet but you submit your email to get a private beta invitation, you get a “thank you, coming soon” email. Delete.  When there’s some “new, exciting product feature” or other announcement, another email.  Delete.  Even when you unsubscribe from an email list, you get an email telling you you’ve unsubscribed.  Delete.  And most annoying of all, even when you’ve unsubscribed from all mailings, you occasionally still end up getting emails from the company down the road.  Delete.  

Most of the time this is simply annoying and dilutes the startup’s message.  But occasionally I think it violates the user’s trust.  When I “unsubscribe all” and you still email me later on, it’s sleazy.  Don’t do it.  


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